What is Clue Plus?

Clue Plus is the paid version of the Clue app. It gives you access to a variety of features and modes and is available as either a monthly or yearly subscription.

This is what you’ll get with Clue Plus:



  • Cycle Overview Email, where your cycle stats are sent every time you track a new period 
  • Advanced Cycle Predictions, with 6 upcoming cycle predictions (instead of only 3)
  • Content Tab, with full access to science-based articles from our team of experts
  • Recurrent Symptoms Analysis, where you’ll get in-depth analysis of your cycle patterns


  • Clue Period Tracking, with all the features mentioned above
  • Clue Pregnancy and Clue Postpartum, for tracking your pregnancy and weekly guidance on fetal development
  • Clue Birth Control, our FDA-approved digital contraceptive (will only be available in the USA by summer 2022)

Find out more about Clue Plus in this article.

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