What premium features are part of Clue Period Tracking?

Clue Period Tracking is a mode in the Clue app that’s designed for people to track their period dates, get cycle predictions, identify patterns in their cycle, and take charge of their reproductive health. There’s both a free version and Clue Plus version of the mode available. 

The Clue Plus version gives you premium features to dive even deeper into what’s happening in your unique body. You can get expert guidance from our in-house team of experts, and better keep track of how things change over time with more analysis.

Here’s what you can expect with Clue Plus:

  • Advanced Cycle Predictions. Plan 12 months ahead with period, PMS, and fertile window predictions in your Calendar View.

  • Full access to the Content Tab. Dive into tips, advice, and educational articles all written by Clue’s team of science writers, clinicians, and medical experts.

  • Extra features in the Analysis Tab. Better visualize your cycle patterns with period flow analysis, BBT charts to follow your temperature curve, and more.

  • Clue Connect. Share your cycle details with a partner, friend, or family member using our revamped Clue Connect feature.

  • 10 premium tracking categories. Learn about more patterns in your cycle with extra tracking categories like ‘Sleep quality’, ‘Urine’, ‘Vulva & vagina’, and ‘Supplements’.

  • Unlimited custom tags. Personalize your tracking experience with unlimited custom tags, so you can track everything and anything that matters to your unique cycle.

With Clue Plus, you can also switch modes at any time to Clue Conceive, Clue Pregnancy, or Clue Perimenopause, depending on your health goals and what you’re experiencing.

Find out more about Clue Period Tracking with Clue Plus in this article.

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