What premium features are part of Clue Pregnancy?

Clue Pregnancy is a mode in the Clue app that’s designed for pregnant people who want to track their pregnancy experiences and follow fetal development. There’s both a free version and a Clue Plus version of the mode available.

The Clue Plus version gives you premium features to dive deeper into what’s happening to your body. You can get expert guidance from OB/GYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives, and better keep track of how things change during your pregnancy.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Pregnancy Home Screen. Get weekly insights on the progress of your fetus and changes in your body.
  • Pregnancy-specific tracking categories. Keep track of your pregnancy with categories like ‘Fetal movements’, ‘Pregnancy superpowers’, and ‘Pregnancy experiences’.
  • Science-based articles for each week and trimester of pregnancy. Written by our team of medical experts, check in on important milestones and get advice for each stage of your pregnancy. 
  • Guidance for your first six weeks of postpartum. Read articles about your body’s recovery from pregnancy and birth, as well as tips for emotional wellbeing in the transition to parenthood.

As part of your Clue Plus subscription, you’ll also get other features like unlimited custom tags, full access to the Content Tab, and Premium Customer Care.

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