Why am I having trouble logging in?

If you’ve recently updated the Clue app and are having trouble logging in, here are three ways to get back into your account. Important: Please don’t delete the app at this point. This ensures your account information remains intact while we’re trying to support you. We also recommend using a Wi-Fi connection while following these steps.


1. Try resetting your password

If you don’t remember your password, try resetting your password via email. The email with the reset link may be in your spam folder; make sure you check it in order to find the reset link. If you’re sure that you had an account and still did not get an email from us, please contact our Support Team and they can manually trigger the password reset for you.

If you don’t receive an email, there’s a chance you may have been using Clue without an account. To check if that’s the case, please try creating a new free account which should help you to restore your tracked data. Here’s how you do that.


2. Try all your logins 

If you’re having issues with logging into the Clue app with your email address, please try all the other ways to log in: social networks, other email addresses, and Apple login. 

For people using an iOS device, It may be that you’ve logged in before with an Apple masked email - if you don’t remember this address, try to find it in your App Store or iPhone settings. If you’ve received emails from Clue in the past, you’ll see this Apple email in our past communication.

3. Try creating a new account on your phone

Try creating a new account using your phone and your primary email address. This is completely free. Once you create an account, the data from your device should sync with the app and allow you to see your tracked data again. Find out more on how to create an account here


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