I'm pregnant. How can I now use Clue?

If you become pregnant while in Clue Period Tracking mode, you have the option to switch to Clue Pregnancy mode at any time. Everyone who uses Clue has access to Clue Pregnancy’s weekly fetal development updates on the Home Screen, so you can follow your progressing pregnancy.


If you have Clue Plus, you also have access to premium Clue Pregnancy features to help you feel more supported throughout each trimester. These include pregnancy-specific tracking categories, weekly insights about what’s happening to your body and your fetus, and even more in-depth info and articles written by our experts. 


To switch modes, follow these steps: Tap the More Menu (the = at the top-right) in your Clue app > Select ‘Mode’ > Select Clue Pregnancy > Tap “Switch mode”. 


If you stay in Clue Period Tracking mode while you’re pregnant, your pregnancy will appear as one long “cycle” since you won’t be tracking new periods. When your menstruation returns after your pregnancy, you can start tracking your period again. To make sure your cycle calculations aren’t affected by the pregnancy, you can hide the long “cycle” from Clue’s calculations by following the instructions here. This can be helpful to ensure Clue’s predictions remain accurate after pregnancy. 


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