What if an unusual cycle is making my Clue estimates inaccurate?

It's normal and healthy for your body to respond to environmental factors such as stress, changes in sleep patterns or diet, jetlag or medications such as emergency contraceptives. You may also experience "skipped" cycles or other unusual cycle lengths due to pregnancy or miscarriage.

You may find it helpful to exclude these cycles from Clue's calculations to make your averages and Clue's predictions as useful as possible.

  1. Go to your History
  2. Tap on the cycle you want to exclude
  3. Tap "Exclude this cycle"
  4. Activate the "exclude this cycle" feature at the top of the screen

You can toggle the cycle exclusion on and off, if at a later stage you want to include a cycle in your estimations again.

You can also include an optional note which may be helpful when reviewing past cycles yourself, or with your healthcare provider.

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