Why do I see so many predicted fertile days?

Clue Conceive predicts six ideal timing days, and a number of good timing days depending on your cycle length. 

Ideal timing days are the six days with the highest likelihood of conceiving in your cycle, and include your predicted ovulation day. They’re ideal timing days because timing sex or insemination around your predicted ovulation creates the best chance of getting pregnant.

Good timing days are shown because according to the algorithm, these days also have a higher likelihood of conceiving. Your ovulation day can vary each cycle, and the algorithm factors that cycle variation into its predictions. 

It’s common to miss the best timing to conceive if you’re just using a single ovulation date to guide you. That’s why Clue Conceive shows a range of fertile days where you have a higher likelihood to conceive, so you can make the most of all opportunities in your cycle to conceive.


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