How do I start using Clue Conceive?

If you’re already using the Clue app and would like to switch to Clue Conceive mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Clue app.
  2. Go to the More Menu in the top-right corner of the Cycle View.
  3. Tap ‘Mode: [your current mode]’.
  4. Switch to ‘Clue Conceive’ using the mode selector.
  5. Tap ‘OK’.
  6. Answer a few questions to personalize the mode for your needs. If you’re not already with Clue Plus, this includes starting your subscription.
  7. You’ll now be ready to use Clue Conceive mode.

If you’re new to Clue and would like to use the mode, you can follow the steps to create an account here


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