Clue が Wellhub と提携するのはなぜですか?

Wellhub is an all-in-one corporate benefit that gives employees the largest selection of gyms, studios, classes, training and wellness apps. Their members can access over 50,000 health and wellbeing services, empowering them to make healthy and happy choices that work for their unique body. 

By teaming up with Wellhub, we want to encourage their members to take their health knowledge one step further by tracking their cycle and menstrual health with Clue Plus. It can help everyone with a cycle learn their unique patterns, plan for the future with cycle predictions, and track 200+ experiences that matter to their unique body. Wellhub members can track everything from workouts and meditation to mood changes, as well as create unlimited customized tracking tags for everything that impacts their day. 

Clue Plus can be an empowering tool for everyone looking to tune into their body and wellbeing. We’re excited to partner with Wellhub and provide its members with science-based tracking at their fingertips. 

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