Qu'est-ce que la version gratuite du mode Clue Grossesse ?

The free version of Clue Pregnancy mode supports you in keeping track of your pregnancy week, due date, and high-level fetal development. To track your pregnancy experiences, see detailed insights on a weekly basis, and read pregnancy articles written by OB/GYNs and Certified Nurse Midwives, you can subscribe to Clue Plus.


The most affordable way to sign up for Clue Plus is directly via our website, helloclue.com.


To sign up for Clue Plus on the website, follow these steps:


  1. Go to helloclue.com.
  2. Sign in with your Clue account.
  3. Follow the instructions to sign up for Clue Plus. 
  4. Open your Clue app and start tracking with all the benefits of Clue Plus Pregnancy mode, for less. 

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