Comment fonctionne le partenariat Clue et Wellhub (anciennement Gympass) ?

Wellhub (previously Gympass) members get access to a free Clue Plus subscription as part of their existing Wellhub subscription. 

Clue Plus is Clue’s premium app offering that gives people access to a variety of science-based features and benefits. It includes four unique premium modes; Clue Period Tracking Plus, Clue Conceive, Clue Pregnancy, and Clue Perimenopause.

Wellhub members can access Clue Plus quickly and easily from within their Wellhub app. All they need to do is look out for the Clue page, activate the partnership, and then create their Clue Plus account. Once they download Clue from the App Store or Google Play Store, the member can then sign in to their Clue app and gain access to all premium Clue Plus features without further payment.

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