¿Cómo puedo registrar un embarazo anterior en la aplicación Clue?

At the moment, the app doesn’t have a function to add a past pregnancy in Clue Pregnancy mode. 


To improve your averages and cycle predictions, it may be useful to hide that specific “cycle” so it’s not used to calculate your cycle averages and predictions. 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Analysis > Your Cycle History.
  2. Tap the cycle you want to hide.
  3. Toggle on “Hide this cycle.”


When you go back to your Analysis Tab, the cycle you chose to be excluded from Clue’s predictions will be grayed out. This means that your cycle predictions will not be affected by your pregnancy, which will appear as an unusually long cycle in the Clue app. You should also see your cycle length averages adjusted accordingly. 

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