How do I manually set my ovulation date?

Clue recommends using the results of positive ovulation tests to determine the day of ovulation. 

Entering this information will set the length of your luteal phase and affect all of Clue's future predictions for your ovulation.

  1. Go to the calendar
  2. Open the tests category
  3. Select the "ovulation test pos." button

Note that the "ovulation test pos." entry will set your day of ovulation to the following day.This is because over the counter ovulation tests indicate ovulation is within 24 hours. If there are multiple 'ovulation test pos.' data points, Clue will use an average of those to calculate the length of your luteal phase.

Clue will also try to determine your day of ovulation based on BBT data you've entered, but the results from a positive ovulation test will override an ovulation date that's derived from BBT data. Ovulation tests have been determined as more precise in clinical studies.

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