What are modes?

There are four different modes in the Clue app. Each mode is designed to help people with experiences or goals that are most relevant to them at the time. 


Since people in different modes have different needs, the app changes in each mode to become more customized and valuable for people to use. This could include changes to the app interface, the algorithm, or a certain set of features or content having more prominence.


You can change your mode at any time, depending on how things change over time for you.


Here’s a brief description of each mode:

  • Clue Period Tracking. Designed for people to track their menstrual cycle experiences, get predictions, and learn more about patterns in their body. There’s both a free version and a Clue Plus version available.

  • Clue Conceive. Designed to help people get pregnant with fertile day predictions, and acts as a personal guide throughout conception. It’s part of the Clue Plus subscription.

  • Clue Pregnancy. Designed for pregnant people who want to track their pregnancy experiences and follow fetal development. There’s both a free version and a Clue Plus version available.

  • Clue Perimenopause. Designed to help people navigate the transitional time leading up to menopause (a time known as perimenopause, which can last anywhere from a few months to around a decade). It’s part of the Clue Plus subscription.

If you’d like to change your mode, follow these steps:


  1. Open your Clue app.
  2. Go to the More Menu, the ‘=’ in the top-right corner of your Cycle View.
  3. Tap ‘Mode’.
  4. Select the new mode you’d like to use.
  5. Tap “Switch mode”.
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