What’s the fertile window?

The fertile window in Clue is an estimate on the days when pregnancy is most likely within your cycle. It’s the days leading up to and including the potential ovulation day, as well as the day after ovulation. The days are represented by the teal blue phase in your cycle in your Cycle View and Calendar View. 

Note that the fertile window estimation is only visible in Clue Period Tracking and Clue Perimenopause modes. If you use Clue Conceive, a different algorithm is used and your fertile days are represented in blue.

We’d like to highlight that the fertile window estimation in the Clue app should not be used to prevent pregnancy. It’s not designed to be used as birth control, or as a back-up alongside other contraception methods. It was originally created to help people using Clue learn more about their body and the menstrual cycle, rather than to help people conceive or prevent pregnancy. 

It’s important to know that this estimation is based on scientific literature that didn’t account for cycle variation and wasn’t backed by clinical evidence. It was never tested in a research study and therefore the prediction may not be as accurate. Your body is not a clock, and you may ovulate on different days each cycle, which the Clue algorithm cannot always account for.

 It’s recommended to turn off the fertile window estimation if you’re currently taking any birth control or medication containing hormones. You may also prefer to hide the fertile window for personal reasons. To do this, follow the steps here.

If you’re planning to become pregnant, we recommend using Clue Conceive mode. You can learn more about the difference between the two modes and their algorithms here.

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