Zaczynam przechodzić okres okołomenopauzalny. Jak najlepiej używać Clue?

You can use Clue Perimenopause to track your perimenopausal experiences as you navigate the transition to menopause. Read more about the mode here


To switch modes, follow these steps: Go to the More Menu, the ‘=’ in the top-right corner of your Cycle View > Tap ‘Mode’ > Select ‘Clue Perimenopause’ > Tap “Switch mode”. 


Clue Perimenopause is currently part of Clue Plus. If subscribing to the paid version of Clue isn’t an option for you right now, there are still ways you can track your experiences with the free version of Clue. Here are some tips:


  • Tracking options in categories like Energy, Mind, Feelings and Social Life can be particularly helpful.
  • You can customize up to 5 tags for free, to create your own tracking options. Use this for experiences like hot flashes or sleep quality.


Find out more about perimenopause in these articles.

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