Hvordan beregnes mine spådommer og gjennomsnitt?

Clue calculates predictions and averages by continuously analyzing what you track. 

Most predictions and averages are based on a limited set of your past data. Predictions are based on data from your last 12 cycles, and averages on data from your last 6 cycles. This calculation is used for cycle length, period length, PMS length, and when PMS is predicted to occur.

This limited data set method ensures that the Clue algorithm adapts to short-term environmental factors you experience, as well as longer-term changes as your body moves through different life stages.

Ovulation is calculated using another method. It is calculated by counting backwards 13 days from your predicted next period. A tracked positive ovulation test, or your basal body temperature (BBT) data, can also influence Clue’s calculations. 


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