Clue が Oura と提携するのはなぜですか?

At Clue, we’re always looking for new ways to tap into what our bodies are telling us so we can be empowered to take charge of our health. We believe wearables have the potential to provide valuable biometric insights, especially when paired with self-tracked experiences in Clue. This can help move reproductive health–and research–forward. 

Clue and Oura share many of the same values. We’re both rooted in science and the belief that self-knowledge is power, and agency, when it comes to our health and wellbeing. 

After testing by the Clue Science and Product teams, Oura was found to offer best-in-class temperature and sleep tracking–which are among the most-requested wearable integrations from the Clue community. 

We believe our partnership with Oura will be a great foundation for our exploration of deeper biometric integration. We’re also excited by the opportunities opened up by the combined power of Clue’s best-in-class cycle science and Oura’s best-in-class biometrics to help illuminate some of the blind spots that persist in female health research.

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