Je suis dans une certaine semaine de grossesse, mais Clue indique que je suis dans la semaine de grossesse précédente. Pourquoi ?

The way pregnancy weeks are counted is different in some countries. Clue currently uses the US-based system, as a large percentage of the people who use Clue are based there.

When we talk about weeks of pregnancy in the Clue app, we always mean completed weeks. "Week 6" means that 6 weeks of pregnancy have been completed (and you are ”'in the seventh week” according to the most common method in Germany). In this case, you are in the 6th completed week, based on the American system.

If your expected due date is entered correctly in the app, you will automatically see the content and articles for the current week of your pregnancy, based on the American system. You can open the corresponding articles directly from the Home Screen of your Clue app (iOS devices) or in the Content Tab under the pregnancy section (for Android devices).

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