What’s changed in Clue Pregnancy mode?

After relaunching the Clue app, some changes were made to Clue Pregnancy. Here’s a summary of what’s changed.


We’ve redesigned the Home Screen so you can follow weekly changes better. With fetal development in focus, the new Home Screen makes it easier to understand the milestones of your pregnancy at a glance.


In addition to your weekly pregnancy content, you’ll now have access to postpartum articles for ongoing support after your pregnancy as well. There’s also more access to new and extended articles in the Content Tab covering a wider range of topics.


Pregnancy-specific tracking categories, like ‘Fetal movements’ and ‘Pregnancy superpowers’, are still being rebuilt and are therefore unavailable for now. 

You can track your experiences using other categories, but please keep in mind not all of these are meant to be tracked during pregnancy, such as ‘Period’ and birth control methods. If you have any concerns about what you’re experiencing, your concerns could be valid. Contact your healthcare provider to get the appropriate care and information you need.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our Support Team

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