Why can’t I track basal body temperature (BBT) in Clue Conceive?

Clue Conceive is designed so you don’t need to track basal body temperature (BBT) to get predictions for your fertile days.

As a fertility indicator method, tracking BBT is often unreliable and doesn’t work for everyone who uses it to identify when they ovulate. Because of this, fertility experts don’t recommend tracking BBT anymore. It’s also an estimation of ovulation timing only, and doesn’t predict in advance when it will occur. This means it isn’t helpful in identifying the best time to have sex or do home insemination to try get pregnant, which is what Clue Conceive aims to do.

Based on the above, the ‘Temperature’ tracking category has been removed from Clue Conceive. This is so you don’t need to worry about the potentially stressful experience of testing your BBT everyday.


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