What is Clue Postpartum?

Clue Postpartum is an optional mode you can switch to after using Clue Pregnancy. It is part of the Clue Plus subscription and right now can only be accessed from Clue Pregnancy mode.

The mode is designed for people who want to continue tracking their experiences after their pregnancy, and find useful information about transitioning from pregnancy to parenthood.

You’ll get guided content on what to expect after pregnancy, like supportive breastfeeding/chestfeeding tips, important things to know about postpartum mood disorders, and typical milestones for your newborn. You’ll also be able to track changes in your body with postpartum-specific tracking categories like ‘Nursing’, ‘Postpartum Bleeding’ and ‘Mood’.

We are planning to create more content for all types of postpartum experiences, but right now Clue Postpartum is designed to be helpful to people who are parenting.

If you’d like to use Clue Postpartum after your pregnancy, follow the steps here to switch modes. If you still have questions about Clue Postpartum, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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