How can I create my own tracking options?

If you’d like to create a unique tracking option that is not already in the Clue app, you can easily create your own custom tag. 

Custom tags are a great way to personalize the things you want to track. You could use them to track names of medication you take, specific moods you may have, or certain experiences that are typical for you. We created several tags to get you started – ‘Back pain’, ‘Cervix high, soft & open’ and ‘Cervix low, hard & closed’.

To create your own custom tag, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Clue app.
  2. Go to Track.
  3. Swipe the categories to the left, or tap the arrow on the right side of the categories, until you see the   button. Tap the button.  
  4. Scroll down to ‘Other’ and toggle on ‘Tags’.
  5. Go back to Track. 
  6. Swipe through the tracking categories until you find ‘Tags’ (the category with a black speech bubble). Tap ‘Tags’.
  7. Write your own tag into the text field and tap enter.
  8. Your new tag will now be created and ready to use.
  9. For iOS: Tap ‘Done’ in the top right-hand corner to save your new tags.
    For Android: Tap ‘←’ in the top left-hand corner to save your new tags.

You can edit your custom tags at any time to add new ones, or delete ones you no longer need. 

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