Who can use Clue Birth Control?

Clue Birth Control has been made for women who are 18-45 years old, have predictable cycles (20-40 days long with a difference of 9 days or less between their shortest and longest cycle over the last 12 cycles) and want to be actively engaged in their contraceptive choices by monitoring their fertility and acting accordingly. Clue Birth Control requires you to track your period so that the app can tell you which days are a high or low risk for pregnancy. You must be able to go online and check your phone every day before you have sex that may result in pregnancy and use condoms when on a high risk day.


Clue Birth Control does not have any side effects; for this reason it could be a great choice for someone who has experienced negative side effects from other contraceptive methods. However, Clue Birth Control will not protect against STIs like using condoms can. It also won’t help in regulating painful or heavy periods like some hormonal methods, or allowing “set and forget” protection like the implant or IUD. There is still a chance that you could become pregnant, even if you use Clue Birth Control. Do not use Clue Birth Control if the possibility of getting pregnant is unacceptable for you, or if pregnancy would put you or the fetus at risk. Clue Birth Control is best for someone that feels a typical use efficacy rate of 92% and a perfect use efficacy rate of 97% is acceptable. Ultimately, the ideal contraceptive method for you will depend on your health, habits and lifestyle. We always recommend talking to your healthcare provider to choose the method that best suits your needs.

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