Can I use Clue Birth Control if I used emergency contraception recently?

Using emergency contraceptives can cause your period to come earlier or later.


If you are not yet using Clue Birth Control and have used emergency contraception in the current cycle, wait until your next typical period before starting to use Clue Birth Control. Until then, use condoms each time you have sex. 


If you used emergency contraception after starting Clue Birth Control, you should use condoms each time you have sex until your next period. You may experience some bleeding or spotting in the days after taking emergency contraception, which is not considered your period. You should wait until your cycle returns to what is normal for you before starting to use Clue Birth Control again. 


If your period is delayed by more than one week from the date predicted by Clue Birth Control (40+ days cycle) after using emergency contraception, it is recommended that you take a pregnancy test and call your healthcare provider for further advice.

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