Why will Clue stop running on iOS 12?

When new versions of the iOS operating system are released we stop supporting older ones. We do this to make sure new releases of the Clue app are compatible with the newest versions of iOS. This means that the new releases in the Clue app won't be available anymore for certain versions of iOS. In this case all versions prior to and including iOS 12 will no longer be updated.


The Clue app can only support two older versions of iOS. Since iOS will soon release iOS 15, we will be able to support the latest version (iOS 14) and one previous version (iOS 13).


If you decide to update to iOS 13 (or newer), you will be able to use the most up-to-date version of the Clue app. If you decide not to update to iOS 13 (or newer), you can still use the Clue app, keep your account and all of your data, but you won’t see any new releases in the app.

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