I don’t have access to the email registered on my Clue account and I don’t remember my password. Can I recover my account in any other way?

Unfortunately, we are only able to send backup data or password reset emails to the same email address to which the Clue account was linked - not to any different email address. Although manually changing your email address may sound like a simple thing to do, we need to make sure that we only share health data in a secure way, with the user who is authorised to access the data, i.e. the account owner. We do this to comply with GDPR and because of our commitment to protecting your data.


Although we are discussing additional ways to safely grant our users access to their data, the only means we have to ensure safe access to your account at the moment is by reaching out to you using the email address you provided on your Clue account (which can be changed in-app by you), and protecting access to your account by requesting a password.


In the future, we strongly advise you to access Clue with a verified email and routinely save a backup. To do this, all you need to do is go into ‘More > Backup’ (for Android devices it’s More > Settings > Backup) and send a regular backup to your email address. This way you can make sure that you keep all your Clue data safe.


With an account and backups, your data will be extra safe in the future!


If you are of the opinion that the processing of your personal data by us is unlawful or that we are in breach of data protection law for other reasons, you can make a complaint to the responsible supervisory authority.

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