How can I change my email address in Clue?

If you want to change your email address, we first recommend that you save a backup file of your data for safety reasons. The backup option is located in the app menu (on the top-right corner) for iOS devices, and in the Settings (which are located in the app menu) for Android devices.

If you have a verified account and you simply want to change your email address:

  1. Open the menu on the top-right corner
  2. Tap on your profile, on top of the menu
  3. Tap on your email address and change it
  4. Confirm the change by entering your password.

If you don't remember your password, you can reset it by following the procedure described in this article.

If you mistyped your email address and you need to edit it to the correct one, please reach us from here so that we can verify the mistyped account for you, and then you can follow the procedure described above. 

If you can’t receive a password reset email because the email address you were using isn’t active anymore (provided that you are still logged in your Clue account): 

  1. Make sure that you saved a backup file of your data as recommended above
  2. Log out from your current account (the one for which you forgot the password) 
  3. Register a new account with the new email address
  4. Locate the backup file in your phone, and tap on it. Then, choose Clue to open the file. This will import all of your data into your new account.

For any other case not described in this article, please reach us from here.

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