Why did I receive a warning message that my cycles are “outside the normal range”, even though cycle variability is typical after pregnancy?

Increased cycle variability is both common and expected after pregnancy. 

If you are not nursing, your cycle will likely resume within the weeks after birth but may not be predictable. If you are nursing, this can extend the time it takes for your typical cycle to return after pregnancy. This can last until you introduce solid foods to your newborn, or even longer. For these reasons, you will not get warning messages about high cycle variability during the first nine cycles you track after your pregnancy.  

If your cycles still vary a lot even after your first nine tracked cycles, you might receive a message from Clue saying that your cycle length or cycle length variation is “outside the normal range”. The message may also suggest you talk to your healthcare provider. If you feel like your cycle variability is still linked to breastfeeding/chest feeding, this message may not be relevant to you. If you are unsure about your cycle variability, speak to a healthcare provider for further guidance. 

If you don’t want the cycles where you are nursing to affect your Clue calculations, you can exclude those cycles from your cycle history following the steps here.



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