What is Clue Pregnancy?

Clue Pregnancy is the pregnancy tracking mode of the Clue app. It is part of the Clue Plus subscription.

The mode is designed for pregnant people who want to track their pregnancy experiences, follow fetal development, and continue on to track their postpartum experiences.

Clue Pregnancy includes the following features:

  • Pregnancy Home Screen, to view the progress of your pregnancy
  • 14 pregnancy-specific tracking categories (plus 25 general tracking categories), so you can keep track of your experiences
  • Weekly guided content on fetal development and changes in your body, written by our team of medical experts
  • Science-based articles about each trimester and postpartum, so you know what to expect
  • Clue Postpartum, with special tracking options and articles so you can continue to understand your body’s changes

Find out more about Clue Pregnancy in this article.

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