Why can’t I use Clue without an account?

In order to use Clue, you need to create an account. Having an account will ensure that your data is always backed up and safe, so that you can retrieve it in case of phone loss or change. 


With an account, you can also access Clue Connect to share your cycle information with someone else, or to see someone else’s cycle in your app. You can also use your account to subscribe to Clue Plus, support Clue’s mission, and get additional perks!


1) I used to use Clue without an account–why can't I anymore?

After seven years of app development, we’ve come to realize that users with accounts benefit much more from the Clue app than those without accounts. Most notably, data is backed up and saved in the cloud, which means that if a device is lost, stolen or broken, a user doesn’t lose several years of vital health data. Furthermore, there are several features in the app that require an account, so your experience without an account would be sub-standard. Lastly, it’s very important for us to communicate with users about important updates (for example, to our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service) and more difficult to do so if they don’t have an account.


2) What if I use Clue without an account already–are you maintaining it, despite removing this option for new users?

If you already use Clue without an account, you can continue to do so. However, if you delete the app from your phone or change phones, then you’ll be prompted to create an account, and you will not be able to download Clue again without an account.


3) I’m currently using Clue without an account and am about to switch to a different phone. How do I transfer data?


On Android: You can use the backup and restore features to back up your Clue data and/or move it to another device in case you lose or change your device.

  1. Settings > Backup / Restore - if you have an iOS device: More > Backup
  2. Depending on which apps you have on your device that can store data, a number of options will appear. Select your preferred destination for your file backup.
  3. If you select email, send the email with your Clue data file to yourself.
  4. To import your data back into Clue: on your mobile device, open the email or app where you saved your data and tap the Clue data file. If asked which app to open the file with, select "Open in Clue".
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