Why can’t I use Clue without an account?

In order to use Clue, you need to create an account. Having an account will ensure that your data is always backed up and safe, so that you can retrieve it in case of phone loss or change. 


With an account, you can also access Clue Connect to share your cycle information with someone else, or to see someone else’s cycle in your app. You can also use your account to subscribe to Clue Plus, support Clue’s mission, and get additional perks!


Here’s how to create an account:

  • Choose the “Email” option, by using your email address and a new password of your choice;
  • Choose “Facebook” or “Google” and log in without having to provide a new password;
  • For iOS users: choose the “Apple-ID” option to use the same email address as your Apple account without having to provide a new password.
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