What is the Analysis Tab and how does it work?

The Analysis Tab is a core feature of the Clue app that shows detailed analysis of your past periods and cycles. It’s designed to help you better understand your body and identify patterns in your cycles.

Clue analyzes what you’ve tracked in the past, and then calculates your cycle averages and detects recurring symptoms or experiences. The overview of this analysis is what you see in the Analysis Tab. Here’s what’s included:

  • Analysis of your typical cycles (with statistics and science-based content on cycle length, period length, and cycle variation)

  • A list of your recurrent symptoms (with full analysis being available with Clue Plus)

  • Overview of your cycle history (graphs showing all previous cycles and the different experiences you logged)

The Analysis Tab will also show you when it might be the right time to seek additional assistance from a healthcare provider, based on the statistics of your typical cycles. To check this, tap ‘Read more’ in the cycle length, period length and cycle variation length boxes.

Find out more about the Analysis Tab in this article.

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