I’m not getting a Forecast. Why?

There are various reasons why you might not receiving a Forecast.

  • No account or logged out
    • Only users with an account are able to receive Forecasts. This is because without an account, we do not store your data, and therefore are unable to analyze it.
    • If, for any reason, you’re logged out from your account, Clue will not be able to deliver Forecasts.
  • Insufficient cycles
    • In order to receive a Forecast, you must have tracked two complete cycles. This means that only after the third cycle is complete could you receive a Forecast, if any patterns are detected.
  • No tracking patterns
    • Forecasts are based on accumulated data from past tracking. This means that the more you track, the better Clue will be able to predict what’s coming up in your cycle. The algorithm looks for patterns, so if you’re not receiving a Forecast, it could be because no patterns were detected.
  • Streak tracking
    • If you track a certain data point multiple days in a row, the algorithm does not consider that a pattern.
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