What is the Forecast feature and how does it work?

Clue detects patterns of symptoms and experiences you’ve tracked to give you personalized predictions.

For example, if you regularly experience headaches on the third and fourth day of your cycle, or feel very energized around ovulation, our algorithm will identify that pattern and notify you with a Forecast to help you prepare for the day.

Forecast helps you:

  • Know what’s coming and can plan better for days ahead
  • Manage your symptoms with occasional tips and remedies
  • Remember to track symptoms to improve the accuracy of your predictions.

We aim to make these predictions as accurate as possible. For most symptoms, our calculations are based on your last three to six cycles. This means that some users whose health patterns revolve around their cycle may get multiple Forecast cards per day in the Clue app, while others might not see a Forecast as often (or at all).

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