How do I use Clue?

Clue is an app to track your menstrual cycle and your overall health. At its most basic level, it helps you keep track of where you are in your menstrual cycle and reminds you when your period is coming.

When you first downloaded the app, it asked you a bunch of questions about how long your period lasted and when your last period started.

We use these questions to make your first predictions. The app will learn from you and get more accurate over time.

Now whenever you open the app, you can enter data by tapping on the green + button.

When you tap on it, you will be prompted to enter data for today - pains, moods, symptoms and more. You can also select any calendar day in the past.

Clue now shows you where you are in your cycle, symbolized by the circle. When you next get your period, tap the green + button again and enter your bleeding - Light, Medium or Heavy. As time goes by, Clue will learn more about your cycle and help you keep track of your pains, moods, symptoms and more.

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