How to install the Clue test version (beta)

Thank you for contributing to Clue's development! Here’s how it works:

Because the test version of Clue is not distributed through the App Store, it has to be given permission in your device settings. This is a one-time process and will not affect the security of your phone in any way.

When you first try to open the test version, you’ll get an error message.

Don’t panic, we’ve got this. Please open your settings app and tap on General.

Then scroll down and tap on ‘Profiles & Device Management'.

You almost made it, tap on BioWink GmbH (that’s our company's name!) and tap on ‘Trust BioWink GmbH’. 

That’s it! After that you can start playing around with the test version. Again, this will not compromise your phone’s security in any way. 

>>>>Download the test version<<<<

If you want to transfer your Clue data from one app to the other, please export your data and import it manually into the other app - using Backup and Restore

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