How do I make the PMS predictions show up?

If the PMS clouds are not showing right now, but you'd like them to, you just need to add some PMS data into your past cycles:

  1. Go to the calendar.
  2. Select the day you had PMS in a past cycle and add PMS data (under 'Emotions').
  3. Repeat this for as many days as you had PMS.

You should now see the PMS clouds when you return to the calendar.

If you selected a duration for PMS during Clue's setup, the PMS clouds will automatically display the first time you use Clue.

Clue creates its predictions based on the data you enter so the PMS predictions will only continue to appear if you continue to enter PMS data.

If the duration or timing of your PMS changes, Clue will analyze those changes and update your predictions to be in tune with that.

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