Who can use Clue Connect and what can they use it for?

Any Clue user can use Clue Connect.

If you would like to share your data with a partner, Clue Connect is a simple and secure way for you to share information about your menstrual cycles with them. It can make it easier for you to talk about periods, mood swings, and possible times you can become pregnant. And it can bring you both closer over an important part of life, making you feel more connected.

You can also share cycle information with friends and siblings. It can take some of the awkwardness out of talking about periods, ovulation, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). And it can help you feel closer and more connected by your shared life experiences - no matter how much time or distance there is between you.

Clue Connect is a way for parents and children to share cycle information with each other. When children have access to information, they are more likely to initiate conversations, and that can take some of the awkwardness out of talking to children about periods. It also makes it easier for parents to teach their children about their menstrual cycles as they enter their fertile years. Clue is only available to children over the age of 13 - this is the minimum age a user can be to set up a Clue account.


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