How does the Clue Ambassador Program work?

We at Clue believe that the world needs more people to support menstrual health and gender equality. Join us as we change the conversation around menstruation for women and people that menstruate around the world.


What would I do?

  • Be a voice for menstrual health and gender equality.
  • Bring your community together through discussions, talks and meetups in your area.
  • Have a direct impact on the Clue app and help us make it even better.
  • Spread the word about the benefits of tracking your health with Clue.


What would I get?

  • Be part of a worldwide movement for menstrual health empowerment, knowledge and research.
  • Connect with an exclusive network of Clue Ambassadors from all over the world through our Facebook group.
  • Test out Clue's new features before anyone else.
  • Participate in Clue research that drives menstrual health forward and improves the app.
  • Take part in monthly webinars about menstrual health - everything from taboos, experiences, conditions, and Q&As.
  • Get the opportunity to be featured by Clue on our blog, social media and newsletter.
  • Participate in Clue giveaways.
  • Get a chance to fly to Berlin and visit the Clue team and office.
  • Receive the official Clue Ambassador Badge to put on your CV, LinkedIn or profile.

...and much more.


How do I become an Ambassador?

Apply here and look for an email from us within 1-2 weeks.


Any questions or comments? Check out our FAQ, tweet us at @clue or email us anytime at


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