Track more things in Clue.

We hear you! We'll be adding many more tracking tags to Clue. In the meantime, please create custom tags. 

Submit your new tag requests in the comments below.

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    Sofie Krogh Holm

    I would like to track appetite. Both extra appetite and reduced appetite

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    Shun Fukuyama (駿 スカーレット)

    I would like to request for tags for those who suffering from mental illness like medications and women mental health related articles and issues

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    Sue Maersch Ewig

    I would like Clue to track additional sleep features like Time it took to fall asleep. This would be a first step toward moving Clue into tracking peri-menopause and menopause symptoms - a logical next step for Clue as your users age.

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    I would like to track masterbation, marijuana, and exercise amounts. Also as previously stated appetite

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    Noemi Nehmadi

    I thing the option of tracking exercise in clue is limited. Maybe you should do it similar to tag option of tracking, like a search bar that will enable people to write other activities that dont appear in the current selection.

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