Track more things in Clue.

We hear you! We'll be adding many more tracking tags to Clue. In the meantime, please create custom tags. 

Submit your new tag requests in the comments below.

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    Sofie Krogh Holm

    I would like to track appetite. Both extra appetite and reduced appetite

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    Shun Fukuyama (駿 スカーレット)

    I would like to request for tags for those who suffering from mental illness like medications and women mental health related articles and issues

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    Sue Maersch Ewig

    I would like Clue to track additional sleep features like Time it took to fall asleep. This would be a first step toward moving Clue into tracking peri-menopause and menopause symptoms - a logical next step for Clue as your users age.

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    I would like to track masterbation, marijuana, and exercise amounts. Also as previously stated appetite

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    Noemi Nehmadi

    I thing the option of tracking exercise in clue is limited. Maybe you should do it similar to tag option of tracking, like a search bar that will enable people to write other activities that dont appear in the current selection.

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    Ashleigh Wilson

    I'd love to be able to track my cramps in more detail. For example, dull, medium, severe, etc. (:

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    I would like to see an option for color. I'd like to keep track of the color of my period blood, as it sometimes changes between cycles or, once, during a cycle.

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    Kelly Dacombe

    Need more detailed period pain options - there’s *always* cramps - I would like to track how bad each period is. Eg “day off work”, “threw up”, “passed out”...

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    Maria Langford

    Could you add tracking tags for peri-menopause symptoms? Hot flashes, hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, low energy etc. This would be great. Thanks

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    I’d like to see more options for all the categories e.g more types of pain, more emotions, severity of pain, etc.

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    Jenny Harness

    Cramp severity would be awesome as well as back pain. I often get back pain w/o cramps.

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    It would be so great to have a Plan B/ Emergency Contra-conceptive option! Those pill can really effect your cycle. It’s also a topic that should be discussed more often.

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    Emma Blackmore

    Hi Clue,
    It would be great if you could track the amount of blood lost during a period more precisely- For example number of pads/tampons used and milliliters lost for menstrual cup users.

    This is something my doctor requested I do as I am prone to anemia. I’m using tags, but I think this addition would help lots of people out!

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    Abigail Hepner

    I think it’d be great if Clue added “lower back pain” to the pain section in the app. I know that I experience lower back pain during my period and I think it would be helpful to add this to the app.

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    I would appreciate more types/kinds of exercise. As I do dance and body weight excecise, the designated section is useless for me. Maybe a solution simmilar to tags would help. Also, the complete opposite, when people would track just time and intensity, sounds good to me.

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    Anna Schwartz

    I think there definitely needs to be more categories for pain. I don’t get cramps, I get body aches all over, like the flu. Some days it’s more severe than others. Some days it’s in my hips, some days in my knees, lower back, or muscles.

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    Eibhlin McCann

    The ability to track how much menstrual fluid is lost during my period. It seems pointless to be able to track my method of collection- like people generally know whether they use pads, tampons or cups.

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    Julia Giertz

    I would like to be able to track the position of cervix (used in several methods for birth control off the pill)

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    Lina-Madeleine Sundström

    I have come up with two tracking ideas
    1. Skin (Acne): I know that you have a “Skin” option but: I have acne and on some days it's worse than on others and therefore it would be cool to track how bad it is (no acne, light acne, medium acne, intense acne) instead of choosing the current acne option everyday because that's what I have to do and now I can't retrace on which days it was really bad.
    2. Libido: I have a problem with my libido since 2017 (I’m 19 and have a boyfriend) and it would REALLY help me to track on which days it comes back and on which days it's completely absent (also with no libido, low, middle, high). I‘m pretty sure
    I also think the idea with the "how many times a day I had sex", “colour of period” and “cramp pain level” is not bad either.
    In general maybe either create permanent tracking options that you create, and that come with the app or tracking options that we can create ourselves (and that look like all the other options) so then it's "personalised". I'm not sure what would be easier for you.
    Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work!
    Lot's of love

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    Another vote for tracking appetite. Emotions - adding angry/Irritable. Exercise - adding in weights/aerobics/gym/hiit.

    Love the app!

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    Angelina Bolanos

    How about adding a tab for clots including sizes & a tab for flow color?

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    I would love to be able to track breast symptoms (i.e swollen, tender, etc.). I'm so excited to hear you will be adding more to the symptoms tracker!

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    I am new to the app and would like to be able to track cramp severity, more specific pain and emotions. Also I am prone to yeast infections and would like to track vaginal discharge. I suffer from depression and acid reflux so an option to track my daily medications would be useful for me. In addition to this I would like to be able to track the severity and size of clots in my heavy menstrual flow

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    Katie Erickson

    It would be nice for Clue to allow you to input blood donations! It would be great to have many women see donating blood as a more regular option and let women who may experience anemia understand how that’s related to their flow!

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    Becky Hampton

    I agree that there should be more exercise options and more pain options. I suffer from migraines during PMS and my period, and the symptoms vary.

    The tags are nice, but it would be better if that type of customization were available within each tracking category.

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    Oribel Reinberg

    Adding uti bladder infections would be nice to track if you are prone to them. Also having an option to take pictures and add that in the tracking. If I’m taking medication and I want the exact name and dose I can see that instead of typing it all in. And being able to take pictures of anything else that would be important to track where photos could be helpful instead of explaining and typing things.

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    Geena Gasparelli

    After listening to a popular content creator- whom is blind, I think that there should be accessibility options for Clue. The blind community should have access to Clue, I love the app and its helpful to me- a sighted person, who can physically see when my cycle begins. Someone who cant see... cant see, and cant use this wonderful app to predict such a thing.

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    Lily Newton

    I think itd be good to have more diverse exercise tracking options. Like if I went and lifted weights or did crossfit or more intense exercising I want to be able to track that

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    Abby Aylward

    Please add dates and axis labels to the temperature tracking graph. Thank you!

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    Gabi Telfer

    It would be great if you could add in the option to track medications like antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. I am on these and I have done research on how it effects periods and sex drives. Would be great to be able to track that!
    Love the app, thank you x

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