I want to make Clue better! How can I give detailed feedback? (Android)

We're looking for opinionated people to test Clue's newest features.

What does it mean to be a Clue Beta tester?

You install the "Clue Beta" Android app, which has all the same features that the Android app on the Play Store has, plus a bit more. This is where we experiment with new features to get feedback from users before we finalize them - or redesign them, or maybe even remove them again if our alpha users are telling us they aren't quite right yet.

We update Clue Beta regularly and you will be automatically notified if there are new updates when you open the app.

You'll also receive an email update from us from time to time that gives some details about upcoming features. Your ongoing feedback, suggestions or finding problems with the app help ensure the Clue team is developing the most useful features for our users.

Even if you don't have any specific comments or issues, just the fact that you are using Clue Beta is useful for us. Seeing the beta version used on different devices and configurations helps us to make sure the app works for as many people as possible.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please send an email to testing@helloclue.com with the following info:

  1. How long you've been using Clue
  2. How you learned about Clue
  3. Your device (iOS or Android)
  4. The one feature you feel Clue is missing
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