How can I get a refund?

We’re sorry to hear that you aren’t satisfied with your Clue Plus subscription. We’ll gladly help you get the most out of your Clue app—please reach out to our team at

If you purchased through the App Store

Because of Apple’s Terms of Service, Clue is unable to assist with cancellations or refund requests. You will need to cancel your subscription directly through their service.

  • Go to your email inbox.
  • Find a "Your receipt from Apple" email that relates to your Clue Plus purchase.
  • Tap “report a problem”
  • Cancel your subscription via the Apple support page

It typically takes up to a week for a refund request to get a response and for the transaction to be processed if the request is approved.

If you purchased through the Google Play Store

Please contact us at so we can assist you. Please include your reason for cancelling and your transaction ID—you’ll find it in the purchase confirmation email from the Play Store or in the “Other purchase activity” tab at You will hear back from us within a few days and the transaction will be processed as soon as your refund is approved.

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