How do I tell Clue that I am pregnant?

Clue has not yet been optimized for use throughout pregnancy. However, you can temporarily pause Clue's calculations and turn off predictions so your estimates are not affected, and resume calculations when you start having periods again. You can also keep tracking relevant information in Clue like weight, cravings, symptoms and moods.

We do plan on releasing a pregnancy feature sometime in the future.

Clue is optimized for tracking the menstrual cycle and periods, so if you don't have one, one option would be to“fake” periods in the app to organize Clue better. So all you would need to do is track one day of bleeding for each cycle -- and if you just track bleeding for one day then these fake cycles will be easy to distinguish from your real periods once they start again.

What you can do with the current version of Clue is exclude your extra long cycle (aka your pregnancy), so that your averages don’t get weird.

  • From the 'Your current cycle' screen, tap on 'Analysis.'
  • Then tap on the cycle.
  • Tap on 'Exclude this cycle' at the top of the next screen.
  • Finally, switch cycle exclusion ON.

When you go back to the Analysis overview screen, the selected cycle will be greyed out. You will also see that your averages have been adjusted in the app overall.

Follow this article for updates on Clue’s pregnancy feature.

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  • Avatar
    Kristina Curry

    So it’s been over a year since this was asked. Any clue as to when a pregnancy mode might be available on Clue?

  • Avatar
    Kim Abell

    It’s kind of ridiculous that a female health tracking app doesn’t have a “pregnant” option. And supposedly you’ve been working on it for a year and still nothing. Come on Clue get it together!

  • Avatar
    clair lalune

    you are alienating a large portion of your user base for, in theory, around 9 straight months at a time, by not accommodating pregnancy. in that time, these women will likely go and find another tracking app that does include pregnancy options, and there’s a good chance they won’t return once they are cycling again. Please add the option to pause tracking for pregnancy. The ONLY feature that i would expect you to add, would be pausing tracking maybe with some designated color over the days (like you have designated real-blue for ovulating, maybe make it bright green for pregnant?) and then have the app start asking me how i am feeling every few months/weeks/however often. just please make it so i can look back on my calendar and say “i know i was pregnant this date-this date by glancing because the squares on the Clue App calendar are (green)”. i feel this is ESPECIALLY important for women who experience recurrent miscarriages (common), so they can accurately assess how their pregnancies effect their cycles!! PLEASE UPDATE THIS. i love this app, it has enriched my life, but please help me track my miscarriages. thank you.

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    clair lalune


  • Avatar
    Hannah Griffiths

    Why does a female health app have no option to track pregnancy / and or loss? It is beyond irritating to have a little message telling me my period is late. No shit sherlock! I'd imagine a lot of women downloaded this app to help track fertility and then hopefully conception. Seriously, how hard is it to have an extra few options for - pregnant and gave birth, then also MMC, miscarriage, stillborn and abortion? I know lots of women would find that page upsetting but you could have an optional conception set of data which could be turned on. It is still data that needs to be tracked, for our physical and mental health.

  • Avatar
    Nancy Robinson

    I agree that pregnancy tracking just makes sense. I also have really appreciated the articles you guys have put out in the encyclopedia. They have been helpful in understanding more of what happens physiologically during my cycle, and made me more aware of symptoms and nuances. Similar articles on pregnancy would be super helpful I think, along with being able to track symptoms in the app. Knowing what's going on and why you are feeling the way you are can be really helpful.

    Clue- any progress on this topic?

  • Avatar
    Mikki M Weaver

    While we are trying to conceive and since I can’t find a legitimate answer on a forum, Clue, do you or does anyone on here have an alternative app they are currently using or could recommend for pregnancy that still involves current science backed hormonal information? Or something close? I thought signing up for the subscription would provide some of that information...

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