Why is the tracking experience different?

As part of the newly designed Clue app launch, we introduced a new tracking experience with updated designs and 40+ new science-based tracking options. 


People can now track even more options that are personal to their individual cycle experiences. After gathering feedback and insights from our community, we expanded on tracking options within categories such as ‘Pain’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Sex Life’, as well as adding new categories ‘PMS’ and ‘Spotting’. 


We also gave our tracking icons a makeover, and redesigned the tracking home screen so people have a clearer overview of all tracking categories available to them. For tips on how to customize your tracking, you can find more information here.


We’re always working to improve our features and appreciate hearing feedback from our community on how they feel about new releases. We’ve heard from some people that there are now more steps in the tracking flow, which has caused some frustration. Our team is looking into this. We recommend turning on your automatic app updates to see the future improvements we make to the tracking experience, in real time.


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