Why are custom tags now a paid feature?

Since the relaunch of the Clue app, creating an unlimited number of custom tags is now part of every Clue Plus subscription. For those without Clue Plus, creating one custom tag is free. Any previously used tags that you created before the newly designed Clue app was released will remain available, free of charge, regardless of your subscription status.


In order to add to and maintain the highest quality app for both free and paying users, Clue needs to be a financially sustainable company. It goes against our mission to show ads or sell personal data for advertising purposes. The most ethical way for us to become financially sustainable is by introducing paid features to enhance the free version of Clue, which is available to everyone. With this in mind, we introduced our paid Clue Plus subscription to provide a valuable, premium reproductive health companion, for life. 


We’ll always remain committed to providing a free version of the Clue app, so that everyone with a cycle has access to the science-based support they need and deserve, regardless of their financial situation. 


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