I don’t want to create an account. What should I do now?

Using the Clue app without an account is no longer possible. You can read more about the importance of having an account and the reasons behind this decision here.


If you’re not interested in creating an account and would no longer like to use the Clue app, you can permanently delete your account by contacting our Support Team. 


To get a copy of your tracked health data before deleting your account, please follow the steps below. It’s important that you do not delete the Clue app from your device at any time for this to happen smoothly.


  1. Temporarily create a free Clue account using an accessible email address and accept our Privacy Policy. Without a verified account, we are legally not allowed to have or process your data. The previously tracked health data that is sitting on your phone should then automatically migrate to the Clue app. 
  2. Once you’ve created your temporary account and verified it via email, contact our Support Team asking for a copy of your tracked data.
  3. We will then send your data directly to the verified email address associated with your account.
  4. If you’d still like to permanently delete your account, let us know and we will then initiate the process. This will permanently delete the temporary account you made, as well as any associated data from our servers.


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